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You're a business owner.

Your healthcare benefit costs have rapidly risen under the traditional fee-for-service system, rapidly outpacing wages and inflation. These rising costs have likely created challenges for you and your employees. Many employers like you are searching for alternative ways to help their employees access, navigate and afford the care they need.

Enter My Cullman Doctor.

Our direct primary care (DPC) model of medicine can help you provide a comprehensive primary care benefit to your employees without a significant financial burden on your company. Employers like you can reduce costs, improve employee health, and increase employee recruitment and retention long-term by offering a My Cullman Doctor membership as a benefit.

Advantages of DPC for Employers and Employees

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Employer & Employee Cost Savings

The financial benefits of DPC membership for employers are significant and measurable. An independent study published by the Society of Actuaries in 2020 showed that compared to employees in a traditional health plan, employees enrolled in DPC membership had:

  • 40% fewer ER visits

  • 53% lower ER spend

  • 20% fewer hospitalizations

  • 8% lower inpatient spend

  • 5% lower outpatient surgery costs

  • 12.6% lower overall claims cost

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Improved Employee Health

Patients of DPC practitioners have
been shown to demonstrate better managed chronic or complex health conditions, increased care plan and medication adherence, and ultimately increased wellbeing. A Primary Health Partners study from 2018 showed that DPC members have better health outcomes, including:

  • Patients with hypertension were more likely to have controlled blood pressure

  • Patients with diabetes were more likely to have controlled blood pressure and A1c levels

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Increased Employee Recruitment & Retention

89% of employees ranked health related benefits as the most important employer benefit, according to SHRM’s 2023 Employee Benefits report. However, only 55% of employees surveyed by SHRM were satisfied with the health benefits they are currently
receiving. Based on the relative Net Promoter Scores (NPS), patients are generally more satisfied with DPC compared to national health insurance. The average NPS for national health insurance is 7, whereas DPC has an NPS of over 70, which shows that patients can both afford DPC and find it worth the price.

The data in this section is from's report "Employer Trends in DPC 2023".

How employers like you implement a 
My Cullman Doctor membership plan

If you're an employer with under 50 employees who doesn't currently provide coverage through a health plan, we can help you provide a meaningful health-related benefit to your employees through our practice​.

If you're an employer who provides a fully-insured healthcare plan to your employees, you probably don’t have the flexibility to customize it. Businesses like yours can choose to add our membership as a complementary benefit to mitigate high out-of-pocket costs associated with other forms of care, and increase employee health, satisfaction, and retention long-term.​

​If you are a self-insured employer who is responsible for the cost performance of your health plan, you can offer our membership as a benefit to employees as a way to reduce unnecessary healthcare spending outside of primary care. Our membership can also improve coordination effectiveness and utilization of cost-containment strategies within your plan design. In some cases, our membership makes it possible for employers like you to offer more robust benefits withoutincreasing plan costs or cost shifting benefit liabilities onto employees.​

Plan options

Businesses with 3-5 enrolling employees

15% off monthly membership fees

Businesses with 6+ enrolling employees

20% off monthly membership fees

You can choose to pay for the entire membership amount or split the cost with your employees. To discuss the details and craft a plan for your business, reach out to us at 256-427-2427 or

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